------ FAQ ------

Q. What is Shalimar?

Ans. Shalimar is an online e-commerce platform to deliver groceries to your doorstep. Shalimar facilitates to place grocery orders through the Android mobile app and Website.

Q. How do I order groceries?

Ans. It’s so easy ! Using Shalimar online portal, add your favorite items to the cart, place your order then choose delivery address & time, and complete your order.

Q. How much do deliveries cost?

Ans. If the order value is 800 taka or more There is No delivery fee. If the order value is BDT 500 to 800 we charge 25tk delivery fee. If the order value is less than BDT 500, we charge 35tk delivery fee.

Q. How to find the total cost of the product?

Ans. Once you add the product to cart, click on place order button, input shipping address, then you can see the Total Cost of the product.

Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

Ans. We currently accept cash on delivery system. In future we will add other payment method.

Q. Where do you deliver?

Ans. We currently deliver inside Sylhet City Corporation area.

Q. What are your delivery hours?

Ans. We deliver from 8 am to 9 pm every day. Also you can set your suitable time to deliver your product.

Q. How long do the deliveries take?

Ans. We are currently delivering within 1-2 hours timeframe.

Q. How do I know when my order is here?

Ans. Shalimar representative will call you as soon as they are at your house to let you know about your delivery.

Q. I can’t find the product I am looking for. What do I do?

Ans. We are always open to new suggestions and will add an item to our inventory just for you. There is a "Product Request" feature that you can use to inform us your requirement. You can contact us 24/7 through cell phone 01888-300131, 01314303147 Or mail us at support@shalimar.shop

Q. How to contact customer service?

Ans. You can contact us 24/7 through cell phone 01312-838437 Or mail us at support@shalimar.shop

Q. Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Ans. Yes, you have to create your account or Login with your Facebook or Gmail account to place an order.

Q. How do I change my personal details or email address?

Ans. You can easily change all your information on your account. To change your information on your shalimar account, Visit www.shalimar.shop. SIGN IN by using your email address and password or By Facebook or Gmail After you have logged in, you will see "EDIT" under Account information on your Dashboard. Click on edit and fill up the field with your new email address.

Q. How can I reset my password?

Ans. If you have forgotten your password, you can reset your password using the shalimar portal.

Q. My order is wrong. What do I do?

Ans. Please immediately call 01888-300131, 01314303147 and let us know the problem.

Q. What if the item is out of stock?

Ans. We hold our own inventory in our warehouses, so we rarely run out of stock. However, we will try our best to source what you need. If we cannot find it, we will sms/call you and let you know what substitutes are available.

Q. What happens during a hartal?

Ans. We work during hartals. That’s how dedicated we are.

Q. Is VAT charged?

Ans. Currently no VAT will Charged.

Q. What are the terms and conditions?

Ans. You can see the terms and conditions here

Q. Can I cancel my order?

Ans. If you want to cancel your order, please do so as soon as possible before it delivered. If we have already processed your order, you need to contact us and return the product.

Q. What about the prices?

Ans. Our prices are our own but we try our best to offer them to you at or below market prices. Our prices are the same as the local market and we are working hard to get them even lower! If you feel that any product is priced unfairly, please let us know.

Q. How do you deliver?

Ans. We use our own fleet to deliver. Our goal is to deliver the products to your place on time.

Q. Can I return a product, and what is your policy on refunds?

Ans. You may get a refund within two (2) days on unopened or spoilt packaged products. We reserve the right to refuse refund. Please contact us at 01888-300131, 01314303147 if you want to return an item.

Q. How are you sourcing your products?

Ans. We have deals with whole-sellers, manufacturers and importers. We only sell authentic products.

Q. Is there a minimum order amount?

Ans. No! There is no minimum order amount. However, we cheer you to shop more to save more!

Q. Where’s my receipt?

Ans. You can view the receipt of your order in the order history.

Q. Can i place a delivery order for someone else?

Ans. Yes you can. At checkout you can specify a different delivery address. This is helpful if you want to order groceries for a parent, friend or a student away at college. You can arrange the delivery at no cost to your recipient.

Q. What if there is a problem after my order is delivered?

Ans. Should you have a problem with any item included in your order, please contact our Customer Service team at 01888-300131, 01314303147